I Like it Like That, Robert Wuagneux

Listening to I Like it Like That is like turning on the radio and hearing one of your favorite songs, except you've never heard it before.

Robert Wuagneux (Pronounced One -You) does that to you. Though an adjunct professor at Castleton State College in Castleton Vt., Robert is also a lifelong singer with a passion for pop and doo wop. He spent his youth busking in Spain and other places around the world, honing his craft before landing in Miami's hot music scene in the late 1970s.

"Doody Doody/I Want Ya" is a rockin' story about one couple that spent a lifetime together in love. This song just hits you right between the eyes with its driving rhythm followed by piano and organ. Then, there's Robert's voice...

Robert has a voice like Jay Black of Jay and The Americans. Part of the boomer generation his voice is that of a 20 year old. I know, I rode the countrysides of Vermont with Robert. Who was singing perfect high harmony's to himself over the speakers while we listened to his rough mix of his next CD.

Robert, coming from the old school of rhythm and blues singers, caught the tail end of the doo wop scene. His doo wop vocal style became a part of his skill sets along with 50s rock 'n' roll and jazz music.

Robert's CD exudes a relentless, upbeat positivity. After working with Robert and watching him perform on numerous occasions, I know this isn't just an act.

On Skirts Go Flyin' - I Like It like That, is pure 50s rock 'n' roll from one end of the track to the other. It is an original sounding, fresh take on a true American form of 50s rock 'n' roll of American music.

The fourth track, "Strange Voodoo," is a huge OMG moment. "Strange Voodoo" opens with the saxophone followed by a very jazzy piano alongside this very exciting rhythm. The track was pure sex.

This was followed by "Falling Down," a hard rocking, punkish kind of song that's very cool to pogo to. On this album, there's just too many cherries to pick. After one listen, you'll want a copy for yourself.

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I have been selected as ARTIST of the MONTH of August for
There is a terrific article about YOURS TRULY in their newsletter Howlin Times!!!

Excellent interview with Ruth Ja

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I am being played in featured rotation on HEAD CASE RADIO


" I have you on . Don't tell anyone, but I think you're one of the best artists I've heard, ever. I like your range, you're originality, etc." Rich

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Robert Wuagneux hits the mi2n network front page with the Indie Spotlight feature... Checkout the release of his latest album 'I Like It Like That'
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TV Pilot

I have been selected to Host an up and coming TV Pilot for the Travel/Discovery Channels also PBS. music personality and videographer Sheldon Snow and LA Arts Writer B Noel Barr are in Vermont for the shoot. We will also be shooting a performance by BROADJAM's Carol Ann Jones. The show will feature the people and communities of Vermont

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CD Review

"In every snappy riff and deftly clever lyric listeners hear more than just topnotch music. They hear the fun that drives Wuagneux and provides the undercurrent of his sound and that always has driven his work, from jamming wildly in small Miami bars to his ascendance to recording CDs like, "It's a 1-Uful World" and "Love Is Easy" "1Uw/U", "There Is only 1-U" where the fun is contagious and uncontainable for the listener as well." Greg Baker, Miami Herald 2003.

Latest Update

Dr. Robert,
I made a video for okemo using some of your tunes. or go to and click
on the video of the week in the top right corner of the screen.

Hello Robert,

"Hey World I'm Feelin' Good" is
in the program for the week
of February 1st to 7th.

Happy fishing, and wishing you a great week!


michiko and chris

Review of: Always Chapter 1

First of all, thank you for sending me your new CD. I
was captured by it! Your vocals are hard to compare to
anyone else. My wife compaired some of your vocals to
the band Boston. I am reminded of some artists that I
feel could hit the high notes so clearly, namely
Dennis DeYoung, Freddie Mercury and I can't think of
many more 'cause few could do it. The lyrics grab a
hold of you and don't let go till the end. I'll listen
to a song and feel like falling in love with the first
happy person that I meet on the street. So much
feeling in those love songs. Not to slight George any,
but I wonder what would have been if you could have
written songs with Lennon and McCartney. WOW!!! You
have such a powerful voice and a strong writing
ability. I am putting your music up on Rocket 88 so
that others can capture the good vibes that you put
out in your music. A heartfelt Thanks to you, Robert,
for putting these feelings to music. U are 1 in a
million! Tom Reed @ Rocket 88 FM

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A 2003-12 #1 and top 10 featured artist on BROADJAM, he has performed before audiences in Europe and the United States. His high energy, song writing, musicianship, and enthusiasm have earned him the respect of his peers and endless praise from his public.

Robert was featured on NPR Southeasrt Region for his excellent songwriting and singing talents for his self-produced works : So good So. Fla...
There Is Only 1-U...
1Uw/U, It's A 1-Uful World, Love is Easy, Always Chapter 1

"Robert's energy and joie de vivre exudes through his music and dominates the audience during his performances. During his performance at Starbucks, he was able to read the crowd and knew what they were in the mood for. All reviews that I read previous to Robert's performance were an understatement of his tremendous musical talent." -Alexandrea Spencer Music Specialist