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Review of CD - I Like It Like that

Feb 15 2014

I Like it Like That, Robert Wuagneux

Listening to I Like it Like That is like turning on the radio and hearing one of your favorite songs, except you've never heard it before.

Robert Wuagneux (Pronounced One -You) does that to you. Though an adjunct professor at Castleton State College in Castleton Vt., Robert is also a lifelong singer with a passion for pop and doo wop. He spent his youth busking in Spain and other places around the world, honing his craft before landing in Miami's hot music scene in the late 1970s.

"Doody Doody/I Want Ya" is a rockin' story about one couple that spent a lifetime together in love. This song just hits you right between the eyes with its driving rhythm followed by piano and organ. Then, there's Robert's voice'

Robert has a voice like Jay Black of Jay and The Americans. Part of the boomer generation his voice is that of a 20 year old. I know, I rode the countrysides of Vermont with Robert. Who was singing perfect high harmony's to himself over the speakers while we listened to his rough mix of his next CD.

Robert, coming from the old school of rhythm and blues singers, caught the tail end of the doo wop scene. His doo wop vocal style became a part of his skill sets along with 50s rock 'n' roll and jazz music.

Robert's CD exudes a relentless, upbeat positivity. After working with Robert and watching him perform on numerous occasions, I know this isn't just an act.

On Skirts Go Flyin' - I Like It like That, is pure 50s rock 'n' roll from one end of the track to the other. It is an original sounding, fresh take on a true American form of 50s rock 'n' roll of American music.

The fourth track, "Strange Voodoo," is a huge OMG moment. "Strange Voodoo" opens with the saxophone followed by a very jazzy piano alongside this very exciting rhythm. The track was pure sex.

This was followed by "Falling Down," a hard rocking, punkish kind of song that's very cool to pogo to. On this album, there's just too many cherries to pick. After one listen, you'll want a copy for yourself.


Skirts Go Flying/ I Like It Like That

Dec 30 2012

The NEW CD project is available on-line or through me by email.
I will sign ALL hard copy CDs

Skirts Go Flying/ I Like It Like That

Dec 5 2012

New CD project - Skirts Go Flying/ I Like It Like That will be available in mid-December. It features 14 new songs.

Listen to:
www.Hotmix106.com the following shows feature new INDIE music:
Mom and Pop Shop, Eclectic Max, Lunch at the Barr, Michelle Jennae Show

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Dec 5 2012

I just recently posted a video on YOUTUBE with my friends Ryan Dempsey, Zdenek Parker Gubb and Brook Jordan
The tune is from the up and coming CD entitled:

Skirts Go Flying/ I like It Like That



New CD project

Feb 3 2012

Hi Everyone,
The new project Release Yourself will be available on Valentine's Day.
9 new songs with some surprises.
This is the first leg of a TRILOGY. The second CD/I like It Like That is almost completed. I am looking at an April release for that.
I will be up loading the new songs shortly...stay tuned and Thank you all for your support!!!

August 25

Aug 4 2011

Farmer's Market Castleton, Vermont @ 4:00 P.M.

August 20,2011

Aug 4 2011

Castleton library outdoor show and Ice Cream Social

Summer 2011

Aug 4 2011

Been a busy Summer of Parties and H.S.Class Reunions.

Castleton State Graduation Party-The Factory

May 16 2010

Hundreds of fans and students celebrating and truly having a happy day.
5 hours of non-stop good time rock and roll!!!

Video Uploads

Mar 21 2010

I have uploaded about 6 new songs to YOUTUBE.
These songs were recorded live at the Castleton State College TV station.
The students Hesham, Mike Del Dotto and Olin Schumacher did an outstanding job!!

Radio Show

Feb 12 2010

I am now hosting a radio show on WIUV @ Castleton State College in Vermont

I would love to play BROADJAM Folks' music!!!
Just send me a note and a way to access your tunes
Peace, Robert

Live Shows

Feb 12 2010

It has been a busy Winter with many live shows in Castleton, Middlebury, Shrewsbury, and Bristol Vermont.

51 Main at the Bridge in Middlebury has been quite the place to be for me.